Park Rules of Usage

The Town of Lewisville and the Town of Lewisville Park Board are pleased to provide residents of our community equitable access to the Town Community Park and Shelter, pending availability. The following definitions and guidelines will apply to the use of the Town Community Park and Shelter.

The Town Community Park Shelter may be used for receptions, birthday parties, family reunions, family picnics, graduation parties, and any other use as deemed appropriate by the Town Council and/or the Town of Lewisville Park Board.

  • The park will be closed from 8:00p.m. (EST) or 9:00p.m. (EDT) until 7:00a.m. (EST) or 8:00a.m. (EDT) daily with exceptions for community events or group functions.
  • The Town Community Park Shelter will be reserved on a first come first served basis. One authorized individual from the qualifying group must contact the Town Clerk's Office in order to reserve the Town Hall Park Shelter.
  • The authorized individual will serve as a contact person for the Town Clerk's Office and is responsible for coordinating details with the Town.
  • A $60.00 rental fee is to be paid when the key to the building is picked up.
  • A $60.00 damage deposit is to be paid when the key to the building is picked up. Two checks are to be written, one for the rental fee and one for the deposit. When the key is returned and the building has been checked for cleanliness, damage, and compliance with the rules of usage, the second check will be returned to the person renting the building if it is in all respects compliant.
Proper Treatment of the Town Community Park and Shelter:
  • All parking ordinances, including handicap spaces, reserved parking, and no parking areas will be observed when using Town facilities.
  • Vehicles may not park in the grass.
  • Alcohol may be permitted with prior written approval by the Town Council and/or the Town of Lewisville Park Board.
  • No overnight camping is allowed without prior written approval by the Town Council and/or the Town of Lewisville Park Board.
  • When using the kitchen facilities, you are to furnish your paper supplies. Renter may use cleaning supplies to clean. Renter may use paper towels provided to clean. The kitchen must be left in a clean condition.
  • Tables and chairs are to be put away as found. They are to be wiped clean.
  • Restrooms are to be checked and left clean.
  • Trash needs to be bagged and placed in the dumpster. Please use key provided to unlock dumpster. Dumpster must be relocked.
  • Tum out all lights.
  • Do not adjust the heat or cool setting.
  • No roller skates, skateboards, or bicycles allowed in the shelter.
  • No off-road vehicles, 3 and 4 wheelers, off-road motorcycles, snowmobiles, and go-carts are allowed in the Park.
  • No person shall make or maintain an open fire except in the facilities provided for that purpose by the Town of Lewisville.
  • No fireworks are allowed in the Park, other than those approved and supervised by the Town Council and/or the Town of Lewisville Park Board.
  • All noise must be kept to a level so as not to disturb the peace of adjacent property owners and fellow Park users.
  • Loose animals are not allowed on the premises, and all pet owners must pick up after their animals.
  • No profanity or other conduct that unreasonably interferes with the quiet enjoyment of the Park by others is allowed on the premises.
  • The Town of Lewisville Community Park or Shelter shall not be used for commercial purposes, for private gain or for any purposes not in the public interest.
  • The Town of Lewisville reserves the right to terminate any activity that becomes a nuisance or abusive or destructive to the Town or private property.
  • The Park facilities must be left undamaged, clean, and in an orderly condition.
  • The individual and activity sponsor requesting use of the facility shall be responsible for the event and must be present at the Park throughout the event. It is their responsibility to ensure that a participant or spectator does not possess a firearm, knife, archery equipment or any other dangerous items or illegal substances.
  • No person shall cut, injure, deface, remove or disturb any property of the Town.

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